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Residential Landscaping Contractor

Residential Landscape Maintenance Company

Serving the greater Seattle area in Washington State

Landscaping Contractor

Loyal Landscaping, Inc. is a complete professional residential landscape contractor focusing on quality residential landscape and maintenance services in the greater Seattle area. Our success has been and always will be built on people, quality employees, fast and friendly customer service and the goal of building a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with our customers and employees.

Landscape Maintenance

Our landscaping maintenance agreements may simply be mowing your lawn or selected areas of landscape maintenance or complete maintenance of your entire landscaping, year around.

Tree & Shrub - Pruning & Shaping

Loyal Landscaping can pruning, shape and remove trees, shrubs and stumps, or create sitting areas or table tops on the stumps.

Lawn Moving & Grooming

There isn't anything more pleasing that a well manicured lawn with detailed edging and grooming. It simply sets the rest of the landscape off.

Weed & Moss Control

Removal of weeds and moss from a lawn can produce a lawn as soft as a carpet. This also works to provide colorful trees, shrubs and gardens.

Insect & Pest Control

Another area that will bring plants, lawns and trees back to their natural beauty, instead of food for the insects.

Aerating & Thatching

Older lawns need to have the old dead grass, leaves and overgrown roots embedded in the lawn removed by thatching and then the lawn should be aerated to allow good breathing and watering. This especially helps for adding new seed and fertilizer, particularly in those brown dry spots.

Seeding & Fertilizing

Whether you are planting a new lawn or maintaining an older lawn, fertilizing and seeding in early spring helps to start or restore any lawn to its natural beauty. There is nothing more beautiful than a dark green soft lawn as part of your landscape, it really sets off the rest of your landscaping.

Yard Clean-up

This is a chore that most people don't like. We have the knowledge, right tools and equipment to do the job, including hauling it to the dump.

Residential Landscaping

Loyal Landscaping, Inc. can provide you with new landscaping, a face lift landscaping upgrade or adding new features, such as: ponds, decks, retainer walls, etc.

Free Landscape Proposals

Our free landscape proposals apply to maintenance agreements, and small individual upgrades or additions. We'll let you know if this free proposal changes into a major project, before we start the clock, so to speak. In other words, no suprises, if this proposal becomes a major project we'll let you know if we're heading into that area.

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Loyal Enterprises, Inc.

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