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Seattle Landscape Renovation

Decks, Fence, Retainer Walls, and much more.

Serving the greater Seattle area in Washington State

Top Soil & Sod

Loyal Landscaping. selects the right type of top soil and grass for your area. We level and roll the top soil, then lay the grass, carefully cutting all edges. Again, rolling the sod then start the watering process. There is nothing more elegant, beautiful and soothing to bare feet than an instant soft carpet of grass.

Retainer Walls

Retaining walls are an ideal way to alter topography and manage water drainage. There are many types of retainer walls to consider, including type construction, materials and esthetic values. The primary consideration should be the type footing for the terrain and height. The specific uses are unlimited.

retainer wall landscaping 1 retainer wall landscaping 2

retainer wall landscaping 3 retainer wall landscaping 4


Decks & Stairs

It is critical to construct decks correctly. Incorrect construction can cause rot to the deck or connected structure, or collapse under heavy or uneven loads, everyone standing at the railing enjoying a view or event. Joist hangers used on a fix structure, such as the house is the best solution. However, a free standing deck will not cause leaks on the structure it's attached to. Remember, connecting the deck to columns or posts, and the floor joists correctly are critical. Also, the spacing of the vertical uprights for the hand rails must be small enough so toddlers can't fall through or get their heads stuck between them.

decks and stairs 1 decks and stairs landscaping 2


Landscape Tips

Loyal Landscaping, Inc., in the future, will provide landscaping and construction tips that will help the DIY person.


Drainage Systems

The types and needs for drainage systems are numerous. The primary need for drainage systems are for water weeping into the basement, land sluffing and water pockets in the landscaping.


Landscape Design

Loyal Landscaping, Inc. is a complete professional landscape design company focusing both on commercial and residential landscape customers. If you are a DIY (do it yourself) type person, a landscape designer can save you time and money, period. We'll recommend the best design for you property and desires, including recommended materials and plants for you soil and location, and irrigation layout for correct spray patterns.


Bark & Gravel Beds

First, prep the soil, rototill and fertilizer, it's always best to lay down landscaping mats, weed controls fabrics. Next, cut x's in the fabric for each plant location, then comes the planting, and finally, cover it with gravel or beauty bark.


Back Hoe & Grading

Tired of shoveling and grading your landscape, like a pond area. Give us a call, we can come in, dig out whatever and level whatever, and be gone before you know it.


Landscape Lighting

Loyal Landscaping, Inc. can install low voltage photocell landscape lighting or solar charged lighting. Solar photocell lighting uses the daytime to charge the batteries and the photocell automatically subtly lights walks, decks, patio and accents landscaping features during the night, some come with timers.


Streams - Dry & Wet

Dry streams are simply a mar an de ring wandering landscape of various rocks. A wet stream usually starts and ends in a pond with a pump, if you don't have a natural spring, creek or source of water. A walkway and foot bridge is always an interesting addition, dry or wet stream. Note: using a natural source of water may require an environment permit.


Privacy Landscaping

A privacy barrier is on the top list of many landscaping projects, especially in an urban or city area. The trick is to construct such a barrier in a natural way, flowing with the rest of the landscaping. In other words, making it non-obtrusive. Using plants works well for a natural look, however, fences provide privacy and security quicker, for children and pets.


Patios & Hardscapes

We can design and construct a patio out of cement, bricks or stone, with or without a roof. And, if you like, a barbecue and/or safe outdoor fireplaces and/or food prep-serving area, including a sink. A popular hardscape is a tiered rock mountain with plants on each tier. The ultimate includes a moat, waterfall or spray, fish and a seat area around the rim.


Driveways & Walkways

Driveways from gravel, designer gravel, bricks, asphalt and cement, including parking areas. Walkways, the same materials as above and we add in stone and wood, especially for a natural landscape, including ground level stairs.

retainer wall landscaping 1 retainer wall landscaping 2


Tree Planting & Removal

Loyal Landscaping can plant or removal trees, including stump grinding. Whether it is a little fella or as large as can be hauled and accessed to your chosen location to plant it, we can do it. We will prep the soil and a place rodent barrier if required.


Benches, Bridges & Gazebo

Loyal Landscaping loves interesting woodworking challenges, Bridges, bridges with a roof, benches on the bridge, open gazebo, gazebo with opening windows and roof, or a gazebo on stilts for the view or stargazing.


Flowers & Shrubs Planting

Flowers and shrubs are the accent of you landscaping. We take pride in choosing just the right type of plants and colors to meet your need and the environment of your location. It very important to plant certain plants in the right time of the year in addition to prepping the soil and putting up rodent barriers.


Irrigation Sprinkler Systems

We can't think of a more carefree landscape than one that has an irrigation sprinkler system that automatically water your entire landscape. In the summer it's important that you water early in the morning and late in the evening. Just think of it, you never have to think about it and what's more important is not having the sprinkler system catching you in the middle of enjoying your landscape.


Fences - Wood, Stone & Wire

When it comes to fences, whether for privacy, security, children or pets, we can make it happen. Gates that are designed for your equipment to pass through is another thing that some never think of until it's to late. What ever type of fence, it needs to add to your landscape in addition to accomplishing your other needs.


Swimming Pool Landscaping

As you may know, swimming pools must have a safety fence around it, these sometimes become an eye sore. With the right landscaping, a fence can sort of disappear, yet provide the security and privacy you desire. Actually, there is no end what we can do to make you swimming pool beautiful, and still tie it into your overall landscaping.


Landscape Waterfalls & Ponds

Waterfalls are the song of the angels, or should we be so bold to say sirens. Waterfalls can be small or large, ending in your pond, pool or whatever. Even if you are on level ground, we can build a small hill. Plant the right plants that love the moisture of the spray or live in the water of the pond. The waterfalls helps aerate the water in the pond to help keep it clean and clear for fish, and of course, the filters in the pond will also help to keep the debris down in the pond and falls.


Rockeries Gardens & Walkways

Rock gardens can be a low maintenance landscape if designed right. Have you ever thought about a sand bed to design your own thing, it's additive. Children lover them, they get to express themselves without judgment by raking it clear before anyone sees it, or save it for acknowledgement.


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