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Loyal Remodeling, Renovation & Restoration

Licensed & Bonded Contractor

Serving the greater Seattle area in Washington State

Loyal Enterprises, Inc. is a complete professional contractor that provides services from home remodeling, disaster restoration, & foreclosure/repo renovation, residential and commercial landscaping company, and facility air, water, and ground environmental testing service. Loyal Enterprises, Inc focuses on providing services for customers in the Greater Seattle Area.

Our services range from basic home lawn care to complex landscaping and maintenance, from remodeling a kitchen to restoration of a burnt or flooded home, including a complete environment check up of the water, ground and air. All service include both residential and commercial facilities.

Our success has been and always will be built on people, quality employees, fast and friendly customer service and the goal of building a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship with our customers and employees.

Loyal Enterprises Commitment

We start our projects by listening to you, working out the details to fulfill your desires, then drawing up a rough plan for your consideration.

Next, we draw up a detailed plan that helps to visualize the desired results you expect. This plan gives the exact description of all areas we will be working on and estimated time frame for completions. This plan make it easier to modify changes from time to time by using an overlay and then incorporating it into the final plan.

This detailed plan helps us, you, and any other subcontractors as may be necessary, to maintain a consistent and precise workmanship.

Loyal Enterprises, Inc. offers fee based services for major design layout during the initial drafting of any project plan, whcih includes measuring of the site, drafting the detailed layout, the intial presentation, including all features, materials, and other special request, and any changes made to the original project plan until its acceptance. For small residential landscaping projects or maintenance proposals, there is no charge.

At this point the project plan, which will include our estimated cost to complete the actual project, is yours to either give your approval or to put up for other bids.

Loyal Enterprises is committed to use the best materials, plants and labor. We are also willing to use any home contracting, landscaping and/or environmental experienced arbitration to solve any questions related to our work or proper completions of your agreement. We are proud to mention we have never required or been required to use outside arbitration.


After we get an initial idea for your requirements, we will give you an idea of what we expect the project fee should be, the exception, of course, are any changes made to the initial plan.

Loyal Enterprises, Inc. is always interested in placing a bids on any project within our preview, using your final detailed project plan.

Loyal Enterprises, Inc. will provide a one year guarantee for plants, materials and workmanship.

|   Loyal Enterprises - Home   |   Remodeling & Renovation   |   Landscaping Services   |   Environment Testing   |   About Loyal Enterprises   |   Contact Us for Estimate  |

|   Remodeling - Home   |   Landscaping Renovation   |   Coming Soon - Restoration   |   Coming Soon - Remodeling  |

Loyal Enterprises, Inc.

POB 756
Edmonds, WA. 98020

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Contractor License: LOYALEI1968RZ
Bond #: YLI262330

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